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Lessons & Pricing

Consultation and Monthly Lesson Fees:

Vocology Consultation:  If you need a one-time discussion about how to manage your voice in terms of habilitation, medication, vocalises, amount and frequency of usage, environment, aging, or other circumstances unique to your professional voice usage, we can have a one-time consultation for 90 minutes.  $75.00

Monthly Tuition Rates.  Lessons are offered in monthly installments and payable by month, before your first lesson of each month via electronic modes, cash, or check.

  • Regularly Scheduled Weekly Lesson: Four 45 min lessons =  $180/month
  • Regularly Scheduled Weekly 60 min lesson: Four 60 min lessons = $240/month 

Changing weekly day and time lessons (not regularly scheduled): 

  • Three lessons in one month
  • Four lessons in one month
  • Drop in 60 min. lesson


  • Please be punctual to your lesson as we cannot extend the lesson into the next hour when another student is scheduled. 
  • Lessons that are requested to be rescheduled with more than 24 hours notice by the student will be possible for makeup within the same month.  Makeup lessons may not be carried over to the following month.  
  • Lessons that are cancelled under 24 hours notice cannot be made up as each week’s schedule is devised with a specific hour of time reserved for your lesson.

The students who make the most progress are those who consistently attend their weekly lessons with enthusiasm and are committed to independent practice and their lesson time.

Female Soloist

Studio Events & Activities

In addition to weekly lessons these activities and events are offered:

  • Informal studio gatherings for students to share repertoire.
  • Formal studio performance opportunities in public spaces, such as local churches, for invited friends and families.
  • Mini-concerts for those working on audition or exam portfolios.
  • Topic-centered workshops such as Alexander Technique, Yoga for Singers, and Acting for Singers.  Past workshops have included: 
    Gyrokinesis for Singers, Audition workshop for High School Students (including dance, drama, and voice mock auditions), Master classes given by a Master Italian Voice Teacher, Musical Theatre Audition Workshop for Adults, and fun activities such as holiday caroling or outings to the MET Opera Live in HD broadcast. 
  • Experience in working with an accompanist and how to communicate with them. 
Special Gyrokenisis class for singers at Patricia Sands Studio
Gobbi, Nawa-Jones Marenzi, Sands, and Li
Four Generations of Teacher/Students - Gobbi, Nawa-Jones Marenzi, Sands, and Li


What direction will the lessons take?

During the free trial lesson, you will describe your background and experience, as well as sing a piece of music and vocalize. From there, we will set goals together.
You will keep a portfolio of repertoire (hard copy or electronic) which will be chosen to help you accomplish your goals. Performance opportunities will enable you to note your progress over time. Lessons will consist of warm-ups, exercises, physical release, discussion of your piece, and of course singing!

Who will accompany my lessons?

Patricia will accompany you at your lessons on piano unless you ask to bring a specific pianist to your lesson. We will also use some recorded accompaniments when preparing for performance, enabling us to focus on expression, stage presence, and blocking/movement. 

Singer/songwriters in the area often bring their guitars or ukeleles to lessons to demonstrate hands-on application of singing technique to their vocal work. 

How much practice is required?

You are expected to learn your repertoire on your own.  Hopefully you have some kind of small keyboard or piano (even if its a free App on your phone) and some music literacy.  You will spend time working on exercises, learning repertoire, practicing language and text, and watching and listening to your songs/arias. As singers we do not practice for hours and hours a day as an instrumentalist might.  Using your instrument for short periods of time every day will keep you in shape. 

What do I bring to my lesson?

Music repertoire folder, pencil, water, or anything else assigned.

What other materials do I need?

A piano or keyboard at home is helpful.  A mirror at home is helpful. 

Students have the following apps on their phones:  Piano App, Metronome App, and Tuner App, ELLA (for sight-singing and ear-training) and Music Theory access for sight-reading and theory foundation. Some also have the Appcompanist App for Vocalises and BREATHE2RELAX App for relaxation purposes. (All of those are free by the way.) 

Will we work on sight-reading?
Will we work on musicianship skills?

Yes to both!

What Covid-19 policies are in place at the studio?

Students who come to the studio sign a Covid waiver form.  The studio is equipped with a ceiling fan, two windows and door opening directly to the outside, a HEPA air filter that is run between students for 30 minutes, cleaning products, and sanitizers.  Procedures from the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) are followed in terms of safety.  The Instructor is fully vaccinated and boosted.


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