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Singing lessons with Patricia Sands, Voice Teacher and Vocologist

Patricia works with:

  • Healthy Singers
  • Injured Singers
  • Senior Citizen Singers
  • Transgender Singers

Patricia teaches:

  • Classical Voice
  • Musical Theatre
  • Contemporary and Commercial Music (CCM)
Patricia Sands Voice teacher in Asheville, North Carolina
Patricia with fellow performers
Patricia with Quodlibet in Singapore
Patricia performing in Serbia

Patricia Sands

Asheville Voice Teacher and Vocologist

Patricia Sands is a Voice Teacher, Singer, Vocologist and Director. Patricia teaches Classical Voice, Musical Theatre and Contemporary and Commercial Music (CCM) styles. Patricia’s training includes Voice, Music Education, Choral Music, Theatre, Vocology, Vocal Pedagogy, Contemporary and Commercial Music, and Transgender Voice for Singers.

Patricia’s experience is vast as she has lived, worked as a voice/choral and theatre educator/director, and performed in Honduras, South Africa, Malaysia, Taiwan, Serbia, Qatar and Singapore for over 30 years before settling in Asheville.

Patricia’s extensive background in Voice, Education, Theatre, Performance and Vocology combined with her world cultural experience gives her students opportunities to learn, improve, perform, and grow as vocal musicians through individualized voice instruction. Patricia has directed over 100 productions in large educational theatre stage settings in several countries.


Improvement through Healthy Voice Behaviors

Patricia teaches students to develop their voices and improve their knowledge and performance practice through healthy voice behaviors.  Students develop life-long habits and appreciation of music as contributing members of society. While some may become performing arts professionals, others may cherish singing as the best part of their week, away from their occupation.

Helping singers achieve their best potential is the goal. This is achieved through: artistic excellence, communication and collaboration, musicality, creativity, imagination, healthy habits, expression, discipline, focus, problem-solving, goal setting, attention to detail, historical context, positive attitude, self-confidence, organizational skills and professionalism.

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