Welcome to Patricia Sands Voice Studio Patricia Sands is an American soprano who lives and teaches voice in Singapore

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Welcome to Patricia Sands Voice Studio Pte Ltd. Patricia’s wealth of international teaching experience in voice, directing, and performing arts has influenced her dynamic perspective in working with high school and adult voice students from around the world.


Patricia Sands is an American soprano who lives and teaches voice in Singapore and focuses on:

  • Classical Voice
  • Vocal Health
  • Audition and IB Music/ABRSM Exam Prep
  • Musical Theatre
  • Contemporary and Commercial Singing
  • Vocology

Develop your voice for life-long use as you increase your knowledge and performance practice through healthy voice behaviors.


Patricia's wealth of International teaching experience in voice,directing and performing arts has influenced her dynamic perspective in working with high school and adult voice students from around the world.

Patricia's former students are all around the world in all kinds of arts-related jobs including:

  • Music Teacher/Professional Vocalist in Canada
  • Graphic Designer (former Filmmaker) in London
  • Professional actor in New York
  • Events coordinator in London
  • Scriptwriter in TV Studio- London
  • Producer/Lighting Designer/Director in Mumbai, India,
  • Film Music Composer
  • Professional singer/songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee with numerous successful songs used for TV sitcom shows in USA.
  • Professional comic illustrator and comics in education presenter.


Bachelors Degree
University Of lowa, USA

Bachelors Degree in Voice and Music Education

Masters Degree
The Conservatory of Music, Univ of Missouri- KC

Choral Music Education

Master of Arts
Central Washington University USA

Theater Production

Graduate Training in Vocology NCVS 2012-2014
National Center for Voice and Speech/Univ. of Utah
Principles of Voice Production, Instrumentation and Habilitation, Voice for Performers (9 graduate credit hours)
CCM (Contemporary and Commercial Music) Vocal Pedagogy Institute, July 2016
Basic Functional Training (Vocal Function, Motor Learning, Belting, Exercise Physiology, and Vocal Health), Teaching and Singing Vocal Styles, Advanced Functional Training for CCM Singers
Singing Voice Science Workshop- Pedagogy, Performance, and Voice Science
Montclair State University, New Jersey USA 2017
(featuring the Voce Vista voice feedback program)
New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA) July 2018
Distinguished Voice Professional Certificate Course 1 completed - Vocal Anatomy and Physiology.
VASTA/PAVA Conference Seattle, August 2018
(Pan American Vocologists Association)
Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Speakers
A Course for Voice Clinicians March 2019
Roosevelt University, Chicago, USA

Patricia's students have attended the following universities for degrees in Voice, Musical Theatre, Film, Theatre, Technical Theatre, Stage Management, Music Business, Music Production, Music Performance and Music Education:

  • McGill (Canada)
  • Emerson College, Boston
  • NYU
  • Berklee Boston
  • Boston Univ,
  • Boston College
  • BYU
  • Exeter UK
  • NIDA (Australia)
  • UVIC (Canada)
  • Queensland (Australia)
  • UNI (Iowa)
  • Sarah Lawrence College, New York
  • PACE, New York
  • Park Point, Pennsylvania
  • DePaul,
  • CWU, Ellensburg, WA.
  • York (Canada)
  • and many others.


  • Pan American Vocologist Association (PAVA)
  • New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA)
  • The Voice Foundation


Patricia has sung since she was very small and remembers playing piano by ear at a very young age. Hailing from Iowa, USA, she majored in Voice at the University of Iowa School of Music. After teaching vocal music in the USA for three years, she moved overseas and began teaching in American-sponsored international schools with American curricula, and the International Baccalaureate (IB). She has since lived in Honduras, South Africa, Malaysia, Taiwan, Serbia, Qatar, and now Singapore. In most of these postings she was a full-time High School Vocal/Choral Teacher, and then specialized in High School Drama and Theatre, working with students ages 14-19. Preparing students for auditions in UK, Australia, and US music/theatre degree programs was an important part of these postings. Patricia has directed over 100 theatre productions including large-stage musical productions (with large production staffs) and many dramas and comedies. Classes taught ranged from choral ensembles to IB Theatre and voice lessons. Schools included The American School of Tegucigalpa, The American International School of Johannesburg, The International School of Kuala Lumpur, Taipei American School, The International School of Belgrade, and The American School of Doha. Patricia also directed church and community choirs in the USA and Taiwan, as well as teaching private voice to adults.

During summers when not teaching, she focused on her own studies and pedagogy. After completing a Masters in Choral Music Education, and then a Masters in Theatre Production, she performed in Italy (Italian language and Opera Festival) and Spain (Spanish and Latin American Art Song). She then completed Vocology Certification from the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS) in Utah, USA over three summers. While living in Taiwan, she studied extensively for three years full-time with Lorraine Nawa- Jones, soprano, who was the student of Tito Gobbi, world-renowned baritone. During this time (2003-2007) she performed numerous solo vocal recitals and gained much performance experience in operatic repertoire as well as in Spanish and Latin American Art Song. She continued to perform solo classical recitals in Serbia (2007-2012) while living there, and then following in Qatar where she lived for four years. She studied Voice during both of her Master’s degree programs (one in Choral Music and one in Theatre Production) in Kansas City, Washington, and also studied voice in Taiwan with Kewei Wang, and in Vienna with Claudia Visca. Patricia moved to Singapore in 2016 and joined the Singapore Lyric Opera Chorus for two productions: Turandot and The Elixir of Love. She performed with New Opera Singapore as a soloist in Cabared (2017), Song to the Moon outdoor concert (2018) and sang the role of Madame de Croisy in The Dialogues of the Carmelites in 2018. She performed as Alto Soloist for the Dvorak Stabat Mater with the Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra in 2018, and performed a solo concert at The Red Room Taipei in 2018. Performances in 2019 include a concert at the Armenian Church in Singapore with QUODLIBET, and a performance with the Stamford Trio featuring Piazolla's "Los Pajaros Pardidos" and Beethoven's Irish Songs. Patricia will sing the role of Queen Hippolyta in Benjamin Britten's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with New Opera Singapore in August 2019 at the Victoria Theatre, Singapore.
The Patricia Sands Voice Studio opened in January 2017.

Patricia Sands Voice Studio


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Rates, Payments and Policies: The First Trial Lesson is free. 1. Regularly Scheduled Weekly Lessons Rates: SGD 90/60 min lesson = 360/month SGD 70/45..Read More


Patricia teaches students to develop their voices and improve their knowledge and performance practice through healthy voice behaviors. Students deve..Read More


Patricia became a Vocologist in 2014. Vocology is to voice what Audiology is to hearing. Vocologists are behavioral voice specialists, and focus on the science and practice of voice habili..Read More

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